Diploma in Television Production

About the Program

We run a two-years diploma program in Television Production

Entry requirements:

Applicants Must:

  • Attain an acceptable standard in the Use of English (compulsory) and three other subjects.
  • Obtain an application form from Portal
  • Sit and obtain acceptable score in the Entrance Examination

Courses List

Diploma 1

Course CodeCourse TitleCredit HourLevelSemester
COM101Introduction To Computing21First
CSK401Comm. Skills (Business Correspondent)21First
GNS127Citizenship Education21First
MAT241Business Mathematics21First
FTP101Scripting/Producing/ Directing I31First
FTP102Motion Picture History11First
FTP103Still Photography I21First
FTP105Editing Techniques I31First
FTP106Lighting Techniques I21First
FTP107Production Workshop I31First
FTP108Camera & Studio Operations31First
FTP109Art Appreciation & Visual Thinking31First
COM122Introduction to the Internet21Second
CSK402Comm. Skills (Investigative Reporting)21Second
FTP121Lighting Techniques Ii21Second
FTP122Scripting/Producing/ Directing Ii31Second
FTP123Cinematography Ii21Second
FTP124Still Photography Ii21Second
FTP125Specialized Arts Of The Screen I31Second
FTP126Acting & Presentation For The Screen I51Second
FTP127Production Workshop Ii31Second
BCJ110Research Methods I21Second

Diploma 2

Course CodeCourse TitleCredit HourLevelSemester
CSK501Comm. Skills (Basic Communication)22First
EDP201Introduction to Entrepreneurship22First
FTP231Sound I22First
FTP232Scripting/Producing/ Directing Iii32First
FTP233Cinematography Iii32First
FTP234Acting And Presentation For The Screen Ii22First
FTP235Specialized Arts Of The Screen Ii32First
FTP236Editing Techniques Ii32First
FTP237Production Workshop Iii32First
FTP238Animation I22First
FTP239Set Designing22First
BCJ221Research Methods Ii22First
CSK502Communication Skills (Project Reports)22Second
EDP202Practice of entrepreneurship22Second
FTP241Sound II22Second
FTP242Scripting/Producing/ Directing32Second
FTP243Cinematography Iv32Second
FTP244Acting And Presentation For The Screen Iii22Second
FTP245Editing Techniques Iii32Second
FTP246Production Of Special Programmes Or Tv Commercials, Children Production32Second
FTP247Individual Projects32Second
FTP248Final Year Project32Second

Department Contact Info

Old Government House Close,
Rayfield, Jos,
Plateau State. Nigeria


Mon – Fri 9:00A.M. – 5:00P.M.

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